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"Both of my Children have been seen by the staff at Jump Start. Jump Start was always great to work with my scheduling needs. The staff was nice and explained things to me. They were also open when I had a concern or was having problems with something (a word my daughter was having trouble with). My children enjoyed going to their scheduled days and learned more than I could have imagined. Without Jump Start, my daughter would have not grown as much as she did"
- mother of James and Peyton
"Lauren is by far the best speech therapist on earth. My son was extremely apprehensive and refused to cooperate during the initial visit. However, Lauren was patient and determined to develop a bond that ultimately erased my son's anxiety and fears. By doing so he was able to successfully overcome his issues with articulation. In fact, his teacher at school recognized his improvement within 2 weeks. Now my son's confidence and articulation exceeds all of my expectations"
- mother of Caiden
"We are very pleased with Linsy and the quick progress Kaelyn has made. We have and will continue to refer others to Jump Start"
- mother of Kaelyn
"I am more than pleased with the results that both my boys received from going to Jump Start Speech Therapy! The staff was always friendly, and accommodating to my restricted schedule. The therapists felt like close friends/family, not therapist. Its always nice to know that your child is being cared about. I've got to say the best part about my two children receiving therapy there, is that they have received so many compliments on how well they have improved! Ms. Linsy was just amazing! She is so passionate about her job, and it truly shows during her sessions. Ms. Jenae did a fantastic job starting out with my son who is Autistic. You have to be so patient working with a child who is on the spectrum, and she definitely proved she was patient enough to get the job done."
- mother of Spencer and Riley
"We have had an amazing experience here. Everyone has been so nice and always friendly faces! We have seen a dramatic difference in Gavin's speech. He's more confident in himself and uses his strategies to get his words out. We are so happy and excited that we can now have a conversation with our son!"
- mother of Gavin
"This was our first experience with speech therapy, and it could not have been better. The front office is a finely run machine. The owner, Lauren, truly loves the work she does, and it shows. She has the perfect personality for working with children, and she genuinely cares about their progress. When one therapist left the clinic and another came on board, Lauren called me after the first few sessions to see how they new therapist was working out. Lauren listened to feedback and, just as important, acted on it. We are very happy with Jump Start"
- mother of Connor
"Lauren really made learning speech a fun experience. She helped me understand how to best help reinforce concepts with him at home. Within one year, my son caught up to his peers and will be able to begin kindergarten without needing speech. The only bad part is my son will miss his weekly sessions with Mrs. Lauren."
- mother of Brady
"My daughter came to Jump Start barely talking 3 to 5 word sentences. She was frustrated and had a very difficult time communicating with her friends and family. Since joining Jump Start, Brinley can now hold complete conversations and everyone can understand everything she says, even strangers. She has so much confidence because she can communicate so clearly. We have a confident and self assured daughter who can speak clearly."
- mother of Brinley.
"We have been seeing Lauren now for about 2 years. We started with her at Cook's and followed her when she opened Jump Start. My son Andrew had seen 2 or 3 other therapists before we met Lauren. I'm still not sure exactly what it is, but Andrew has a very special bond with Lauren. He would not respond or participate with other therapists; but from the first day with Lauren, he was ready to go! He is excited to see her and can't wait for his appointments. He works so hard for her. She has helped him so much. I honestly do not know where we would be if not for Lauren. She has done so much for us. When we began with her, you could not understand much of what he had to say, unless it was followed with a sign. And, in the short while we have been with her, he is so clear now, even strangers can understand him. He still has a long way to go, but as long as we have Lauren, I know we will get there!"
- mother of Andrew
"I couldn't be more pleased with the therapy strategies we received from Jump Start. Lauren made a connection with my son that made his learning exciting and meaningful. We are sad to be done and will miss seeing Lauren every week, but we are very delighted that our son can pronounce his 'R's'!!"
- mother of Chase
"Lauren is loving, helpful, and especially observant. She explained positive methods to help Garrett and myself. She made us feel comfortable to be there. We brought our ECI therapist with us on our second visit and she also was excited about our new findings as well as Lauren's especially caring and positive attitude and teaching methods. Lauren has given us the boost we needed just now."
- mother of Garrett
"Thank you so much for the love and care you have shown my daughter. You have such an amazing gift as a "treasure hunter". You search and see the treasures in others and you draw it out by sweetness and tenderness. You have been such a blessing to our family and Abi's life is forever changed for the better because of you!"
- mother of Abi
"I was very impressed with Jump Start and my son's therapist. She was very thorough and always made sure I understood her strategies. My son loved coming to speech - his therapist had a wonderful rapport with him. The progress he made in such a short amount of time was amazing."
- mother of N. Walden
"I hear my son talking now, I am so happy. Words that were hard for him, just flow out very naturally. Jump Start has been a huge blessing for my son. Thank you for all you have done for us."
- mother of J. Kramp
"The staff and therapist were friendly and attentive to my child and myself. I appreciated how organized and prompt everyone was."
- mother of Luke
Therapist - Jenae
"The therapists were professional, friendly, and very patient. Jacob seemed to excel in their presence. My husband and I are very grateful and we have seen tremendous improvement in his speech. We feel we now have the tools to help Jacob at home to help him progress. We love Linsy and Katie! Absolutely wonderful ladies!"
- mother of Jacob
"My son's speech greatly improved with therapy. Everyone noticed the improvement and said how well he was doing. Jump Start really helped my son. We are so glad we took him here. We had a terrific therapist! Thank you Meredyth!"
- mother of Darrell
"Jump start has been a very positive experience for my child. Linsy has been very thorough in working with her on speech goals and my daughter has made considerable progress over the past 2.5 years. I would recommend Jump Start to anyone looking for speech services."
- mother of Kaslyn
"I would absolutely recommend Jump Start. The staff is amazing! I appreciate their ability to work with a fluctuating schedule that some parents may have.

To my daughters teacher Mrs. Meredyth, to whom I have come to love and adore, because of her kindness, patience and time she has took with my daughter to help her achieve her goals. She is one of the greatest! Overall I can only hope that I find a great environment, teacher and staff that are as good as Jump Start. Thank you guys for everything"
- mother of Taylor
"Our therapists were all amazing! My children loved coming each day and always looked forward to seeing their teachers. You always worked hard to work with our schedules and get us seen together"
- mother of Michael and Lilyann
"Enrolling our child was one of the best decisions we made!"
- father of Remington
"Our son made bigger gains through Jump Start than any other speech program"
- mother of Braden
"In the short time that my daughter has been coming to Jump Start I have seen a huge improvement in her speech. Not only has her speech therapist helped her, but also helped us as parents by giving us information, handouts, and advice on how to help our daughter at home. Thank you to everyone for your patience and assistance. Everyone in the office has been extremely kind and helpful. We will miss you"
- mother of Arianna
"Cannon has enjoyed his time with Ms. Lindsey and I am very thankful for all she has done for him. I would also like to thank the office staff for being flexible and understanding with schedules"
- mother of Cannon
"My son has grown and progressed greatly since coming to Jump Start. The therapists are kind, helpful, and work so well with him. I truly believe my son would not be at the point he is today without the help he received at Jump Start. You are all AMAZING!"
- mother of Riley
"Very pleased with the wonderful progress my child made with his speech during his time at Jump Start. They are an awesome group of therapists that were really focused on addressing my childs individual needs. Thank you So Much!"
- mother of Kaden
"This experience has been amazing! Watching and listening to my son becoming a better speaker has been such a rewarding experience. However, he could not have achieved such incredible results if it wasn't for the amazing therapists! The genuine interest and caring that is showed to each child makes my heart sing! I would recommend Jump Start in a heartbeat!"
- mother of Austin
"Very good therapy for my son. He progressed quickly and graduated in a timely manner. Very pleased with the therapist, Amy. She was so positive and very good with kids and really encouraged him. He was sad to leave"
- mother of Kasen
"When we come to Jump Start Luke had trouble saying single words for what he wanted. Through consistent loving direction from Lauren, he blossomed and so did his language. We would not be where we are today without her and Jump Start! Thank you for ALL you've done to help us. You are a blessing to our family"
-mother of Luke

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